Logitech MX Keys Mini Bluetooth Backlit Ergonomic Keyboard for Mac - Silver - English

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Type with confidence on the Logitech MX Keys Mini Bluetooth Backlit Ergonomic keyboard for Mac. Crafted for creators, it features Perfect Stroke keys, shaped for optimal key stability and tactile responsiveness. Its minimalist form factor provides improved ergonomics by aligning your shoulders and allowing you to place your mouse closer to your keyboard for less arm reaching and better body posture. Smart keys are shaped for your fingertips so you can type with perfection, voice to text dictation, mic mute/unmute, and Emoji keys
• Built to provide comfort, stability, and precision, it helps you type confidently for long hours at the desk
• Balanced design offers effortless precision, with a minimalist form for an ergonomic keyboard that's portable and can travel wherever you get work done
• Backlit keys light up the moment your hands approach, and automatically adjust to suit changing lighting conditions
• Pair MX Keys Mini compact keyboard with up to 3 devices on nearly any operating system via Bluetooth Low Energy and switch between them seamlessly

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